SEO & Marketing

Our three step approach for search engine success.

Part 1. Identify the right keywords (or key phrases) to rank on.
The keyword research process that we undertake involves a comprehensive evaluation of various keywords prospective customers use when searching for your products. The focus is on finding those keywords that present as providing the best opportunities for traffic. Optimal keywords will have high business relevance, high traffic and low competition.

Part 2. Create pages in your store designed to target rankings.
Having identified a preferred set of keywords and key phrases, the next step in improving page ranking is to create a page for each keyword or key phrase that has been identified. For example, if you were a furniture retailer and ‘mahogany business desk’ was a preferred key phrase, then a page would be built to specifically support that phrase. The process of building these pages is carried out using an internally developed checklist reflecting best practice in keyword optimization of web pages for search engines.

Part 3. Build links to your website.
Once your web pages are created, the next step is to have other websites link to you. If you think of every link as a vote, then the more votes you have, the better you’ll rank. It’s not quite this simple, as links from high quality websites carry more weight than links from low value sites. We have great success with a number of techniques that can be applied to gain incoming links.