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Terra Watson
Terra Watson Dallaswear Uniforms
I am thrilled with the way my store turned out! I got what I wanted and more and the special touches you did make me happy every time I get a compliment on my store.

This was not my first website and have been through many ‘website builders’ and quite a few designers too. None of them ever really took the time to understand my needs. You took the time to ask a lot of questions and created a store that represents my company perfectly. I am one of those clients who sometimes knows exactly what they want and then other times has no idea. You were very detailed and specific when it came to the aesthetic of my store. In the end, you were reading my mind and giving me great options in design that I didn’t know were possible!

I really appreciated Basecamp too. I like being updated and detailed and it was so easy to stay organized and see what was upcoming as well.

And how could I forget my awesome logo, you got it right the very first try! We now have a company trademark and have based our entire brand around the image you created for us!

I am so thankful we chose you e-CartCustoms!

Eric Caamano
Eric Caamano Route 66 Marine
Lets start off by saying that because of bad experiences with other developers in the past, I am a tough customer to please. Promises without delivery seemed all too common with everyone else I dealt with. Not with E-CartCustoms, Stacey was very patient, detailed and organized from the beginning.

The E-CartCustoms team handled this complicated and fully custom project in a manner that should make them very proud. We are still working on minor projects within the website and Stacey always makes herself available for us despite my hectic schedule. I know where to go for future work and I recommend e-CartCustoms to all around me who mention anything about the word “website development”.

Oliver Gibeault
Oliver Gibeault Xenon Expert
We’ve been working with Stacey at e-CartCustoms for more than a year now on various projects. Stacey has always been very open and professional. e-CartCustoms delivered a great product and gave us even more than we asked for. With Stacey and e-CartCustoms, you feel you have a partner that can help you with anything web related. We have dealt with other companies that do not make you feel special. Stacey does. We were very specific with what we wanted and we also modified some things along the way.

In past experiences with other design companies, the look was not what we wanted. We could explain and give examples to those companies and they didn’t really “get it”. Well e-CartCustoms did. Their first design was spot on. Thanks again Stacey. You have us coming for more!

Adam Jones
Adam Jones HeartStrings
Working with e-CartCustoms was a brilliant decision. Your staff was patient, the quality of work was superb, and the overall experience was outstanding. I will definitely be partnering with you again on any future projects, and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for unparalleled service and design.
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones International TEFL Academy
I spoke with a half dozen companies before E-CartCustoms, all gave me a standard price and timeline without asking me what my needs were, just a boilerplate response. e-CartCustoms asked questions, did a need analysis and gave me a great price and customer service that was worth far more than the fee.

The only people I would not recommend them to would be my competitors as the service and price were so good I want to have the competitive advantage over them!

Kathryn Taylor
Kathryn Taylor American Fallen Warrior Foundation
I cannot describe in words how AMAZED I am with what your did for us! We had a bad experience with another designer and lost time and money then YOU came along and WOW!! The entire experience from the beginning in knowing what it will cost, the incredibly creative design, the communication to fit our needs and desires, and in the end a friendship.

We could not be more pleased. WE ARE THRILLED WITH YOU AND OUR SITE!

Tammi Wallace, Chief of Staff
Tammi Wallace, Chief of Staff The Honorable Ellen Cohen, State Representative, Texas House District 134
I’ve had the pleasure to work with your company on several website projects patricularly within the nonprofit sector. You are detail oriented, creative and bottom line…get the job done. Your designs are fresh and compelling. You facilitate the design/content process in a professional and very effective manner. I would without a doubt hire your company again…in fact given the opportunity…I would hire you a hundred times over. …
Mark Swan
Mark Swan
I called quite a few of the BigCommerce recommended design partners, however after talking to them one stood out from the rest and that was e-cartcustoms.

E-cartcustoms answered all my questions about the design process, fit my budget and were able to communicate that to me in a way that I understood. Other design companies that I spoke with used very technical terms and I had no idea what they were trying to tell me. I needed someone that could speak my language without all the technical jargon that I would not understand.

After evaluating my needs and formulating a plan with me they came back with a fantastic design that I loved right away. I thought we would need to go back and forth on the design, but I was surprised and happy that they got it on their first try. I knew what I wanted but had no idea how to put it together, but they did. It turned out to be so much more than I was expecting, and well worth the money. It was an incredible great value.

Stacey at e-cartcustoms was very helpful, she explained everything that I needed to know about my site and worked quickly in fixing any issues. It was also important to me that they were there support if I needed it.

I would highly recommend e-cartcustoms to anyone looking to get their store professionally done by a talented and helpful team at a great value.

Thank you E-CartCustoms !

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